KanjiPic is now available for download on the App Store. Each kanji represents an idea, and the best way to memorize it is visualizing an image associated with it. And this is exactly what KanjiPic does! For each kanji there is an illustration that will help you remember it. Natives learn kanji by writing it over and over again. And you can do just that with Kanji Pic’s writing quiz. As most Japanese words are formed by combining two or more kanji, the best way to learn more words is by knowing the kanji that forms it. Starting with simple kanji and gradually moving on to more complex ones. KanjiPic provides a list of the most commonly used words along with the English translation. Now available on the App Store

CONTOPLANET wins 2 EGANET’2010 awards [ Multimedia Category EGANET’10 Award and Mobility EGANET’10 Award ]



ContoPlanet developed by Yellowapp for Perroverde films & Milrayas is now available for download on the Apple App Store. ContoPlanet is an intuitive and friendly experience very easy to use. It´s an application of interactive tales for the iPad and iPhone based on the collection of Arbore Fairy Tales of Editorial Galaxia, in which anyone is able to replace the voice of the narrator for the spectator (through a simple interface) by following instructions on the screen and using only the microphone of the iPhone-iPad.



Stories come by default with a personalized voice for you to be able to listen to them linearly(no more than 5 minutes), but you could also choose to do it yourself manually and enjoy with interactive tactile areas, sounds and page turn effects, animations and character movements in beautiful sceneries with own life.Stories have several languages that can be selected( Castilian, Galician,and English)  as well as the option to show or hide the texts.

The most adventurous users can replace the voice of the narrator for his own voice, dedicate it to someone and even to change the story at their leisure hiding the texts and creating that way your own story. Another very interesting possibility is to select the texts and narrative in a different language. That is great to practice and learn languages.  ContoPlanet is an interactive experience for the children to develop a relationship with the new digital world in a healthy and creative way.

ContoPlanet is a platform where boldness and creativity come together as well as the fun to stimulate the imagination and experience with children´s literature and digital world in just one place

100 million users

portugal by” for iPad has been approved on the App Store and will be Ready for download on iPad launch day. this new iPad-optimized version will feature enhanced graphics to take advantage of that large 1024×768 display.

“…Being a regular traveler I’m often looking for traveling apps that  give me more than the ordinary features, apps that make me curious about the places I’m visiting and that entice me to explore. Recently I was given the tip to try out “Portugal By“, a free application  and I fell in love with it. Visually stunning and easy to navigate “Portugal By” features the work of six  photographers’ that show us Portugal’s hidden secrets as well as a new way of looking at well known touristic places. The approach is innovative because it focus on the visual first and then lets you explore the map around it, including services like restaurants, hotels, etc….”

— bitrebels

The vision of a country, the scenes, the environment and its culture seen by the eyes of selected photographers is the main subject of Portugalby, with selected information to improve your Portugal experience, here you could find a small and cozy place or a luxury Hotel where you can expect a unique experience.

available on the iPhone app store

“Valentine’s Day is almost over but maybe you have someone on your list who might appreciate your going uber-digital in your expression of affection, even if it’s a tad belated. Then you might want to check out QR loveCode, a quirky little free app for iPhone and iPod Touch that gives you a choice of several love messages you can embed into QR coded thought bubbles on a series of stylistic digital art pieces you can share via email”
— Cult of Mac

“de som is meer dan het geheel der delen. Dat geldt in ieder geval voor de liefde. Maar ook voor de zwart-witte blokjes van de QR-code. Een simpel patroon kan een mooie boodschap in zich dragen”

“Sending paper valentines is so 20th century. These days you can email awesome looking Valentine’s Day cards with custom QR codes that reveal secret messages”
— kitesune noir

“Something for the love birds. Don’t think cheesy, you will be impressed.”



opps! artist´s edition by Paul Thurlby